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Phone Messages
Taking a phone message has never been faster or easier than taking one with PHONEslips. Once you've used it, you will never use those pink message pads again. And PHONEslips keeps an archive of past messages that allows you to search messages from years ago in seconds.

Inner-office Memos and E-mail
Memos can be sent to anyone in your office instantly. Provides a low-cost way to give everyone in the office access to e-mail.

Contact Database
Never ask a frequent caller's phone number again - PHONEslips automatically fills it in when you take a phone message. Give everyone in the office access to a common address book, no more duplicate data entry. Have important contact information available instantly - the ultimate in Customer Relationship Management.

Schedule and To-do List
Organizing people's time is easy with PHONEslips. Schedules and to-do lists are available to everyone in the office, making it easy to schedule appointments for others and monitor progress.

Stay in Touch when You're Out of the Office
Never miss a message while you are away. Have your messages automatically forwarded to your digital cell phone or pager when you're out. The convenient in/out board lets others know you are away.

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Optional Accessories for your PHONEslips System:

Phoneslips for Outlook


PSEmail Gateway

PHONEslips Group Scheduler (NEW!!)

PHONEslips for Pocket PC



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PHONEslips for Outlook
PHONEslips for Outlook

Add the power of PHONEslips to your Outlook installation
If your office already uses Outlook, then this easy to use product will add many of the features of PHONEslips. (Click Here for More Info)


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